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Volts / Watts / Amps Converter

Enter any two values and press calculate to get the remaining value:

Watts (vA)

Direction for use:

  • Watts = Amps x Volts
  • Watt, also called volt-amps, is usually used with AC power circuits together. Please input any of two fields to find the third value.
Example 1

What is power consumption in Watts when the voltage supply is 12 Volt and the current is 5 Amps?

  • Enter 12 under Volts
  • Enter 5 under Amps
  • Click calculate
  • You get the power consumption in Watts is 60 in this example.
Example 2

What is the current in amps when the power consumption is 330 Watts and the voltage supply is 110 Volts?

  • Enter 110 under Volts
  • Enter 330 under Watts
  • Click calculate
  • You get current in Amps is 3 in this example.