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DVR Storage Calculator for Analog CCTV Cameras

This calculator is for calculating how much storage space you will need for your surveillance system.

How to use this tool:

  1. Enter your camera code on the system (Normally 4-16)
  2. Enter the frames per second (fps) of the cameras. (Normally 25 fps for real-time recording)
  3. Enter the video encoding type. (Normally choose H.264)
  4. Enter the screen resolution you want for your video.(Normally choose D1)
  5. Enter the number of hours that your system will record each day.
  6. Enter the number of storage days you wish to maintain on the hard drive.
  7. The results will be in gigabytes (1000GB = 1TB).
Number of cameras:
Frames per second for each camera:
Video encoding:
Screen resolution:
Hours per day:
Days of video to store:
Storage required (GB):