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CCTV Lens Field of View Calculator

The Field of View Calculator (or FOV) is used to help predetermine proper lens selection prior to installation. With this Calculator you can calculate the camera lens focal length, and field of view to find best camera position.

How to use this tool

This handy FOV calculator will help you in determining which lens is right for your application. Enter the camera lens format, the distance to the object, focal length of the lens, and click "Calculate" to see the field of view you can expect with that lens. It also works in reverse. If you know the field of view you need, enter it and the distance to the object along with camera format to find the focal length you will need to get the field of view desired.

  • Lens Format- There are 1/4", 1/3", 1/2", 2/3, 1" lens format available, please select the format of your lens.
  • Distance to object-Maximum distance from Camera to the object
  • Width of the picture – Horizontal Width
  • Height of the picture - Veritable Height
  • Lens Focal Length (measured in mm) – The distance from the center of a lens to the focal point (sensor). The longer the focal length, the narrower is the angle of view.
Lens format:
Distance to object (feet):
Width of picture (feet):
2 or
Height of picture (feet):
Lens focal length (mm):