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Wireless Audio Video CCTV Receiver Transmitter 1.2G 15CH 700MW

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This product need to be made reservation for, MOQ:50. If you want it, please feel free to contact us. In the meanwhile, we accept individualized customization.
Note: Currently only 2,4G and 5.8G are the civilian wireless band that can be used without licences, please consult your local radio management institution before purchasing the device.
This is a great transmitter and a receiver for both video and audio. It allows you to transmit video and audio to one location to another, it's good for home and office use. For example, if you have a spare LCD monitor (provided that is has video/audio in), then you can use this device to extend your TV/Stereo signal from your living room or elsewhere remoteness less. There is a lot more you can do with it.?
Power up with the Wireless Remote Extender. It installs in minutes, just plug the transmitter and receiver into the AC outlets at the desired locations. The extender even works in situations where you can't easily place the receiver in front of video or audio equipment. With a wireless remote extender(not included)?you can use your existing remote control to operate audio or video equipment from any room in the house, about 100 feet effective range You can still use your existing remote control to operate audio/video equipment from any room in yourhouse/office.
Microwave anti-interference performance well.This machine sound/video signal adopt the microwave transmission means with extremely high frequency, Its signal carrier frequency is up to 2.4GHz,and also had 4 channels available on the plane.

*Should install it at the place where children cannot touch..

*Do not expose it at the damp place for preventing it from water or protecting people from electric shock.

*Please pull the transformer out when you stop using it.

*Please use the transformer produced by our company. Or our company will not be in charge of any damage incurred by the product.

*Our company will not be responsible for any damage incurred by your amending or dismounting without a permit.

*Do not touch the emission antenna in case you will be burned when the transmitter is electrified.

More Features

Wireless Audio /Video CCTV Receiver Transmitter 15CH 700MW Wireless Audio /Video CCTV Receiver Transmitter 15CH 700MW Wireless Audio /Video CCTV Receiver Transmitter 15CH 700MW Wireless Audio /Video CCTV Receiver Transmitter 15CH 700MW Wireless Audio /Video CCTV Receiver Transmitter 15CH 700MW



  • Voltage: 12 V
  • >Current: 500mA
  • Output Power: 31dB
  • >Measurement (mm):65*45*20
  • Guidance of Technology:RECEIVER
  • Frequency :
  • Electrical Source: DC-12V
  • Video Output: 1Np-p
  • Temperature for use: -20oC+60oC


  • Receive up to 15 wireless camera feeds and display them on a display device with the push of a button.
  • - Hook-up the receiver to any display device (e.g., TV) thru the standard video out connection.
  • - Mount the grey transmitter and cable up to a mounted camera. The transmitter can be opened to change the frequency to any of the 15 channels used by the receiver. It is currently set (to channel 1 ? - I think - try it).
More Information

pdf downloadSCA0077-User-Manual


1 x 15CH 700mw Wireless AV Transmitter

1 x Wireless AV Receiver

1 x AV Cable


1 x Receiver and Transmitter Connect Cable
2 x A/C Adapters

1 x Retail Box

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Product Reviews

  1. What frequency???

    Posted by Dn on 15th Jun 2012

    What frequency range is this unit?

    Review follow up by SecurityCamera2000.com Team on 15th June 2012

    Thank you for your product review. We appreciate it.

    CH1 1000MHZ; CH2 1020MHZ; CH3 1040MHZ; CH4 1060MHZ; CH5 1080MHZ; CH6 1100MHZ; CH7 1120MHZ; CH8 1140MHZ; CH9 1160MHZ; CH10 1180MHZ; CH11 1200MHZ; CH12 1220MHZ; CH13 1240MHZ; CH14 1260MHZ; CH15 1280MHZ

    Any problems please feel free to contact us via email: info@securitycamera2000.com

    SecurityCamera2000.com Team

    Reply by SC2000 on

  2. Danke

    Posted by A**e on 7th Jun 2010

    gute Ware schnelle Lieferung , Danke

    Reply by SC2000 on