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Waterproof IP Network CCTV Camera Motion Detection FTP 48 IR Leds

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1x 40m IP Camera
1x CD
1x Bracket
1 x Power Adapter


  Thank you for choosing our product. Besides all functions of traditional camera, network camera, as a new product combining traditional camera with network video technologies, has been incorporated with a built-in digital compression controller and WEB-based operating system, which enables transferring the compressed and enciphered data to the end user through LAN, Internet or wireless network. The remote user, by using standard network browser or the client software in his/her own PC, may access to the network camera by its independent IP address, and fulfill real-time monitoring of target site, real-time edition and storage of video data; moreover, the user may implement omni directional monitoring by controlling the pan/tilt of network camera via network (You need connect it to the PTZ controller).

  The hardware of network camera includes network video service module and CCD module, which can work as soon as connected with power and network cable, without the necessity for connecting the computer. Only with the software program installed in the computer, the user can, through network, use IE browser or client software to watch real-time video and listen the field voice(When connected with MIC). The network camera has functions such as network video recording, image framing, video record playback, pan/tilt control( when connecting to PTZ ) and dynamic motion detection. The transfer speed of image in compression form of MPEG-4 may be up to 25 frame/second on network, thus realize real-time watching without delay; for the recovery of image, the maximum definition for image quality is D1.For the application of software, it is extremely easy-to-use, for its interface is provided with the buttons for pan/tilt operation and network video, and options for function setting and administrator setting etc.


Product Characteristics

1) Equipment characteristics
It consists of three parts: network camera, player software for network camera and configuration software for network camera.

  1. D1 high-definition image, fluent voice, with various display formats
  2. Support IE browse
  3. MPEG-4 high compression ratio arithmetic
  4. Applicable to network environment of ADSL,Modem Cable,LAN,etc.
  5. Transfer speed for image up to 25 frame/second
  6. With the function of dynamic motion detection, and the sensibility of detection is adjustable
  7. Support the capture and archiving of individual image in the format of JPG and BMP
  8. Support parameter setting on Internet with easy update
  9. Support characters overlap
  10. Automatically search IP and connect it
  11. Encryption function for image
  12. Multiple protocol support-TCP/IP, HTTP, ARP and RARP,FTP, SMTP, etc.
  13. Record on motion detection.
  14. Send email on motion detection.
  15. Multiple management(two level: user &administer ); three level (user &administer& guest)
  16. Support FTP,Upload video files to FTP SERVER。
  17. Set record on motion detection though IE& client software. The record file can be upload to FTP Server.
  18. 48 IR leds and IR 40m range


Account number, password, user privilege


  1. Video image dynamic motion detection;
  2. Send email on motion detection;
  3. Record on motion detection.

Control of pan/tilt (when connecting PTZ)

RS485 interface, remote control of pan/tilt and electronic by client

Requirements to computer

Windows2000/XP Version

IE 4.0 version or above

NET4.5 version or above



32Bit  RSIC  Embedded  Processor

Operating system

Embedded Linux system


Network protocol

Support TCP/IP,HTTP,ARP,RARP, etc.

Network interface

RJ45 10/100m Self-adaptive to Ethernet network interface




Frame frequency

10-30fps (D1)


D1:720×576  CIF:320×288  FIELD:720×288  QCIF:192×144



CCD module


1/3 Sony CCD,420 bus ,32MM×32MM


More than 48DB (automatic gain is off)

Automatic white balance

Automatic white balance

Back light compensation

Automatic back light compensation

Camera power

Power: DC 12V, Current 1A

Application scope

Enterprise, community, government institutions , traffic, power, financing and national defense etc.

2) Network Characteristics
1.    User-defined http port-allows the gateway of Internet to use "port mapping", therefore the network video/audio products and web server may share one Internet IP address.
2. Support DDNS to release network video/audio products to Internet through secondary dynamic domain name resolution.
3) Security Characteristics
1.    User identification: if necessary, only known user is allowed to access real-time video, before that, user must input user name and password. The maximum number of visitor is 20.
2.    Security: password protection and IP filtering, MAC filtering
3.  Motion Detection: Record video and Send email
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Product Reviews

  1. Thank you for your product review.

    Posted by S************************m on 31st May 2010

    Thank you for your product review.

    Sorry for any inconvenience brought to you.

    The camera (SKU: SCA0200) can works on IE6, IE7 and IE8

    And it can work with Windows 2000/XP, but only 32 bit, not 64 bit.

    The not working problem might due to inappropriate IE setting.

    The correct setting is as below:

    a. choose "Internet Options" from IE browser.

    b. click "security", and then click "internet"

    c. enable all the setting about ActiveX, you can find that in "Custom Level", and enable all options below "ActiveX controls and plug-ins"

    And IE 8 setting is as below:

    1.Login windows with administrator.
    2.Click IE 8 menu item Tools > Internet Options > Advanced > “Enable memory protection to help mitigate online attacks”.
    3.Remove the check.
    4.Restart IE 8.

    Anything you need please feel free to contact us via info@securitycamera2000.com

    SecurityCamera2000.com Team

    Reply by SC2000 on

  2. Only works on IE6

    Posted by A****y on 29th May 2010

    This camera only works on IE6 on Windows XP.

    Reply by SC2000 on