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Portable Door Entry IR Motion Security Sensor Detector Alarm

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This device is an ear piercing security alarm. In the alarm mode, an ear piercing alarm will sound when someone enters the protected area. Used great for a retail store, office, or hotel room.
Requires Four "AAA" batteries that are not included. 
Measurements: 5.5CM*9CM*3.5CM

Infrared ray alarm can send out sounds of alarm now for one second while measuring to the defended area to there are personnel tomove , realize reporting to the police and is frightened and hindered the function. Adopt pair have infrared sensor cooperate with special-purpose to deal with special-purpose to punish the integrated circuit while being infrared, have wrong report rates low , high , high characteristic of performance-cost ratio of dependability ,suitable for the family , office ,courtyard ,and the guarding against theft of the place report to the police and use the shop along the street ,etc

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Portable Door Entry IR Motion Security Sensor Detector Alarm


Portable Door Entry IR Motion Security Sensor Detector Alarm

Portable Door Entry IR Motion Security Sensor Detector Alarm



  Because infrared ray alarm infrared ray survey sensitivity to be most high at between human body and lens horizontal sport, and vertical sport sensitivity relatively bad, should pay attention to the person who detect and contained angle and height of horizontal plane when the installation.
There is very great influence in protecting the area in this .Install the height and the angle as right picture shows Should prevent from infrared ray alarm close to cold heat source, for instance cold and hot air outlet, air conditioner air outlet ,electric heater, air condition ,etc. when the installation , prevented , cant have barriers.

The infrared ray alarm should become 10-30 degrees of contained angles with the wall ,its farthest to survey the distance at this moment ,adjust and install the angle with conditions at the time of actual installation.

Install the demand

  Switch : electricity moor switch is it for start the machine ,dial for imprison down to set aside up
Whether start the machine the indicator lamp. When the electronic dog starts the machine, the indicator lamp is on, shows that begins to work. Survey the distance to control infraredly : Black one short out cap insert in H position, is it survey distance 7-10 meters, insert it in L position to show, show that it is 4-7 meters to survey the distance, adjust shorting out in the cap position according to the need while using actually .Infrared sensor:
The hot infrared signal which the reaction human body releases , please keep its surface clean, please keep its surface clean , please dont touch with hands. when its suface has filth , it is clean to dip in 75% of the alcohol with the cotton.Univesal seat guide : Fix the infrared ray alarm on universal seat
Battery box : is it open to cover battery , install identification , battery of box pack 4 batteries No.7 into



1 x Brand New Motion Detection Alarm
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