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Plug and Play Network Indoor IP IR Camera, Mobile View, Zero Setting

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It supports internet browser/client software view and motion detection recording.
And furthermore, it’s Plug and Play, only need simple configuration and it will automatically setup itself. This IP camera uses exclusive gateway passing through technology and user-friendly application technology. That making it as no need network configuration, no need domain configuration. No need IP address to access and Simply Plug and Play network Monitor products.
If you do not know how to set the IP address and port mapping, the camera will automatically change its own IP address to adapt to the network environment. Moreover, with penetration function for firewall and router, the camera makes it possible for the user to access to a bonding account and see the camera images without any router setting. What an easy and simply operation!
This Network camera uses MJPEG video compression technology, not only for remote browsing in internet, also suitable for the local high definition camera evidence and This IP camera has a good quality.

Plug and play
Installation is simple and convenient, automatic penetrate NAT, no need specialized network knowledge.

Users only need to prepare one network cable, one power supply interface, Once connect with the device you have already finish the installation.


Many solutions for you choose, you can remote monitoring via software, web or mobile, whether use a home computer, office computer, laptop or public computer, phone in New York, Toronto, or Beijing, all places could monitor the remote camera. Users can simply click and browsing.

Alarm, recorder video motion detection
Can be configured automatically recording, capturing, or alarm warning. Also provides external alarm inputs port, can be connect with temperature alarm, infrared alarm and other signal access system;

Support NOKIA Symbian S60 3rd, WIN CE, mobile phone operating system view, while also supporting IPHONE blackberry mobile phone browsing which makes it superior than the general camera.
security-cameraMore Features
Plug and Play, IP Camera, IR, Mobile View, Zero Setting-www.securitycamera2000.com
Plug and Play, IP Camera, IR, Mobile View, Zero Setting-www.securitycamera2000.com
Plug and Play, IP Camera, IR, Mobile View, Zero Setting-www.securitycamera2000.com
Plug and Play, IP Camera, IR, Mobile View, Zero Setting-www.securitycamera2000.com
Plug and Play, IP Camera, IR, Mobile View, Zero Setting-www.securitycamera2000.com
Plug and Play, IP Camera, IR, Mobile View, Zero Setting-www.securitycamera2000.com


1/4'' CMOS Chipset MJPEG IP Cube Camera

● View, manager and remote control your camera over the internet

● Camera can functions without PC turned on

● Share access to your camera with friends and family

● 8 infrared LED, can capture video in dark environment

● Adjustable, mountable stand allows you to place and position your camera anywhere

● Uses auto-provisioning for zero-configuration network setup


Image Capture


1/4'' CMOS sensor

Total of pixel


Minimum illumination

IR on, 0Lux


f=4mm, F=2.0, Fixed IRIS

Auto Flicker less



Lighting Control

8pcs 850nm Infrared LEDs, 5m-8m distance


Auto control

Video and Audio


VGA(640*480) / QVGA(320*240) / QQVGA(160*120)



Frame rate

30fps (QVGA,QQVGA), 15fps(VGA)


100kbps ~ 4.5Mbps

Image Rotation

Mirror / Up-side down


Basic Protocol


Other Features

Video control


User Setting


Device ID and Password

Default setting

Hardware Interface


10Base-T / 100base-TX

Alarm In


TTL 232 Port


Physical Index



Main body

78mm(L) * 51mm(W) * 58mm(H)



Power consumption


Operating temperature

0C~ 45C

Operating temperature

10% ~ 80% non-condensing

Software (PC Side)

OS Supported

Microsoft Windows 98 / 2000 / XP / Vista / WIN 7


Internet Explorer6.0 and Above or Compatible Browser, Firefox etc.

Application Software


  • 1X Plug and Play Network Indoor IP IR Camera
  • 1X 1CD
  • 1X UTP 5 Cable
  • 1X Bracket
  • 1X Power Adaptor
  • 1X Bag screw
  • 1. Infrared lights effect is not great
    If the device detects the environment is too dark, the infrared lights will automatically
    work. After Infrared lights turned on, if the irradiated objects are too closed, the lights
    will be reflected to the infrared LED lights, leading to the infrared light turn off. so the
    screen appeared in bright and then dark situation. In order to solve this problem, the
    equipment should leave a certain distance from other objects.
    This IP camera was only equipped with 6 infrared lights. If you want to monitor a
    large scale of scene, and the light too weak, it will cause the night-vision function
    work poorly.
  • 2. Video browsing is very slow even disconnected
    Please make sure if the network bandwidth is wide enough. If it is too narrow, the
    network will be easily blocked. When the image is still, please widen the bandwidth.
    Below is bandwidth occupation of some typical video specifications.
    320x240@10fps : 640 kilobits ~ 960 kilobits
    640x480@10fps : 3.2 Megabits ~ 4.8 Megabits
    320x240@30fps : 1.92 Megabits ~ 2.88 Megabits
    640x480@30fps : 9.6 Megabits ~ 14.4 Megabits
  • 3. No image displayed on remote monitor
    Step 1: Confirm whether the installation of ActivX control is correct, and whether the
    ActivX control have been operated correct.
    Step 2: Check whether installed firewall or antivirus software in system that will
    Shield the flowing video. Such as Kaspersky Anti-Virus software.
    Step 3: Check whether the device is under private status. If the privacy light is work,
    press the private status button.
    Step 4: Restart the device.
    Others: When the device runs in LAN, The image is normal at the beginning, but after
    a period of turning up and down, the image change into blank, it is possible that the
    internal wire have loose.
  • 4. Cannot record and snapshot, without record andsnapshot button display
    Confirm whether visit the video under JAVA or ActiveX manner, if under JAVA, there
    is no recording and snapshot function;
  • 5. E-mail cannot be sent
    Step 1: Check if the system settings in the "Mail Service" page are correct. Including
    e-mail server, sender's E-mail address, sender's user name and password;
    Note: many mail servers turn off POP3 port, so cannot choose this type of mail
    Step 2: Make sure to select items in "sensor" and "scheduler" settings page, and
    make sure the recipient's e-mail address is correct.
  • 6. The video take too much harddisc space capacity
    Choose a suitable recording format according to your needs. For Example, recording CIF
    size images on MPEG-4 format, 2G can record about 13 hours; But the M-jpeg will
    take more capacity, So, if need long-time recording , You’d better do not use the M-
    JPEG format.
  • 7. IP CAMERA can be found by IPCamSearch but cannotwatch the video.
    IP Camera’s IP address and computer's IP address don’t belong to the same network
    segment, set them in the same network segment to visit.
  • 8. What software is required to watch a number of images at the same time
    Factory offered CD-ROM have attached the software of “Superipcam.exe”, you can
    use the software to monitor many devices, make video and capture image at any
    time. Pls. refer the details in the software instructions.
  • 9. Can not visit the LAN IP CAMERA from WAN net
    IP Camera should be connected to the router and login to the router to set
    the “port forwarding”, the detailed description please refer to the user manual.
  • 10. Why can not access into the device by distributed DDNS
    Dynamic Domain Name is recording devices of IP address, so before using a
    dynamic domain name, please confirm the below info:
    1) Has done the port mapping on the router which connected to the IP Camera;
    2) The IP Camera can be browsed through router WAN IP address;
    3) The router WAN IP address is an internet IP address. (Ask friends from other
    provinces to access the device through the set IP address and port).
    4) Make sure the DNS setting of IP Camera is as same as the Pc’s DNS setting.
    Upon the above settings, dynamic domain name can be used. If it still can’t, Pls.
    confirm the below info:
    1) Whether the DDNS info filled correctly;
    2) Try another DDNS to test.
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