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HD 720 Pixel Car Vehicle Camera DVR Road Dashboard Recorder

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This is HD 720 Pixel Car Vehicle Camera DVR Road Dashboard Recorder, it is for car security on the road.

Product Features:

  • Movie Size: Select [1280x720 / 848x480 / 640x480pixels]
  • Audio Recording Select on and off
  • Volumes: On or Off
  • Motion Detect: SelectOn (the screen will occur icon ) or Off
  • Note: When select Motion detect function, it will be recording automatically if there is an object movement, the recording time is according to the setting time, e.g.: setting 2 minutes recording time, its recording lasts 2 minutes if there is an object movement, stop recording if no movement after 2minutes and continue
  • FPS:Select 10FPS/20FPS/30FPS
  • Recording time:select [2/5/15] minute to decide how many time will storage per one section or be off.
  • Date Stamp:Select [Date &Time Stamp] or [No Stamp]
  • Date/Time:Set correct recording Date and time.
  • Language: Select [English/Chinese/Portuguese/Japanese/Russian]
  • Light Frequency:set [50/60Hz]
  • Restore Default: Select [ Yes] or [ No]
  • Version: Show the software version Number.
  • SD card is not included in the package, if you need the SD card, pls order them here: 2GB: PT0210, 4GB: PT0211, 8GB: PT0212, 16GB: PT0213, 32GB: PT0214

More Features

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Technical Specifications

  • IR day and night vision for recording
  • Recording resolution:1280*720/848*480/ 640x480 pixels
  • Video format: H.264
  • Repeat storage by section: 2/5/15 minutes or off
  • Power source: Built-in rechargeable battery or 12V/24V Car Charger
  • Supports SD/MMC card (From 1GB up to 64GB)
  • Microphone: can record sound
  • Interface: HDMI & USB2.0

Setting the functions:
Turn on the DVR andpress to enter into setting interface. Menu Button. Confirm by and selectby for the following setting. Press again to exit after finished.

  • Movie Size: Select[1280x720/848x480/640x480pixels]
  • Audio Recording.: Select On or Off
  • Volume: From 0 to7
  • Motion Detect: SelectOn or Off
  • FPS.:Select10FPS/20FPS/30FPS
  • Recording time: select[2/5/15] minute to decide how many time will be storage per one sectionor Off.
  • Date Stamp: Select[Date &Time Stamp]or [No Stamp]
  • Date/Time: Set correctrecording Date and time.
  • Language: Select[English/Chinese/Russian]
  • Light Frequency: set[50/60Hz].
  • Restore Default:Select [Yes] or [No].
  • Version: Showthe software version Number.

Preview on the HD TV
Connect the HDMI linkof DVR with the HD TV, then turn on the DVR And enter into the previewmode automatically, and the operating steps are same as preview on thescreen.


  • Please insertthe SD/ MMC card before recording.
  • Please adjust thetime display before recording. If not set a time, the DVR can not record.
  • This DVR records incycle if you choose 2/5/15 minutes as storage time. When the storagemedium is full, it will record from the beginning again and erase overthe previously recorded material automatically. It will have 3 secondspause time, and namely the contents in the 3 seconds will not record. Ifselect Off, when the storage medium is full, it shows Card Full and stoprecording.
  • Because the DVR isDC5V input, please use the attached car charger. It has adaptor 12V/24Vtransfers to 5V already.
  • When you cannot stoprecording by pressing REC button, please check if you have selected the MotionDetectON. If yes, please select it OFF
More Information

pdf downloadPL0971-User-Manual


  • 1X USB Cable
  • 1X Bracket
  • 1X DVR Recorder for car vehicle
  • 1X User manual
  • 1X Car Charger
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