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48 LED IR Infrared Illuminator Night Vision for CCTV Camera

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  • Security 48 LED Camera Infrared Illuminator
  • Structure: Made of painted steel & reinforced glass
  • Illuminating range: Detecting range is 20M
  • Wave length: 850nm
  • Consumed power: 6W
  • Angel: 30Deg
  • Power: DC12V 400mA
  • Dimensions: 85mm X 75mm X 66mm

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48 LED, IR Infrared, Illuminator, Night Vision-www.securitycamera2000.com48 LED, IR Infrared, Illuminator, Night Vision-www.securitycamera2000.com48 LED, IR Infrared, Illuminator, Night Vision-www.securitycamera2000.com48 LED, IR Infrared, Illuminator, Night Vision-www.securitycamera2000.com


  • 1 x CCTV 48 Led IR Infrared Illuminator Night Vision
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Product Reviews

  1. Good light

    Posted by R*l on 7th Feb 2012

    Returned and honored customer, love your products and appreciate the customer service. Good++++

    Reply by SC2000 on

  2. worthy product

    Posted by B*****t on 30th Aug 2011

    Brought this lamp and the power adapter together. Works fine, no problems appeared like the below reviews posted. So, i think this is a worthy product.

    Reply by SC2000 on

  3. More of an IR spotlight

    Posted by P*****************************s on 2nd Oct 2010

    After receiving the item and seeing it had no power supply, I ordered one from this site as well. The power supply arrived and I tested it immediately. Powered on (the IR lights emit a low red glow) and I checked it using a Sony camcorder with Night Shot. The IR lamp definitely emits IR light but it is more of a beam of light (like a flashlight) than a wide field of light that illuminates an entire room or area. What you will get is basically an infrared spotlight. When looking through the camcorder you will see a greenish/white circle instead of a wide area that is now visible in the dark. It does not work with a camcorder that does not already have Night Shot capabilities which I believe is due to those models having an IR filter that blocks IR light. You must use this item with a camera that already can shoot in the dark. The best use of this item would be to mount it on a tripod then have the camera also on a tripod shooting towards the lighted area from an angle. If you set them side-by-side and shoot directly at where the IR lamp is pointed you will just see a large circle of light. Set the camera up at say a 45 degree angle and my belief is that you would cover more ground and get a better result with your video.

    Reply by SC2000 on

  4. O.K.

    Posted by J***s on 6th Sep 2010

    Todo correcto O.K.

    Reply by SC2000 on

  5. Thank you for your product review.

    Posted by S************************m on 6th Sep 2010

    Thank you for your product review. And thank you for your suggestion.

    It might due to not suitable power adapter. The inner of the power adapter might too large for the IR illuminator, and that leads to poor connection.

    Please follow the below instruction and have a check.

    1. Power the IR illuminator in the dark, and look close to the IR illuminator and see if there is any faint red light.

    If you can see red light, it turns out that the IR illuminator works.

    2. If you can not see any red light, then please remove the cover of the IR illuminator, power it on, look at the IR board inside. And use a multimeter to check if there is DC12V voltage from the cathode and anode solder bead of the input power cable.

    If there is no any voltage, it turns out that not working problem is due to NOT suitable power adapter. Please use another power adapter to have a try. The dimension of the power adapter should be inner 2.1mm, outer 5.5mm.

    Or you might have a look at the below power adapter:

    SKU: PJ0005

    If there is voltage, it turns out that the IR illuminator might quit working, please contact us for a replacement. And I also sent you an email to Kurt's mail box, please have a check.

    Please keep us update, and any problem please feel free to contact us via info@SecurityCamera2000.com, we will help.

    SecurityCamera2000.com Team

    Reply by SC2000 on

  6. Nothing

    Posted by K*t on 5th Sep 2010

    Ordered a power adapter for this unit, plugged it in and got nothing. Checked against a wall with video camera and it shows no light coming out from this unit. No lights come on indicating the unit is running. Set camera to Night Shot and I can see the beam the camera puts out against the wall but when I shine this unit against the wall it shows no light coming from it at all. The power adapter shows a green power light so it appears to be functioning but the LED lamp is not emitting anything at all. From all that I can tell this unit is completely dead and doing nothing at all. Since it doesn't come with a power supply and buying one doesn't seem to help any I would avoid purchasing. My suggestion is they sell it with a known good power supply and raise the price a bit. As it is, totally useless.

    Reply by SC2000 on

  7. Thank you for your product review

    Posted by S*************************m on 12th Aug 2010

    Thank you for your review.

    Sorry for any confusion. As you can see the product listing on our website, there is no Power Adapter in the package.

    But thank you for your advice. We revised our listing and added a note.

    Any other questions please feel free to contact us via info@securitycamera2000.com. We will help.

    SecurityCamera2000.com Team

    Reply by SC2000 on

  8. Solid construction BUT...

    Posted by K*t on 10th Aug 2010

    Received my LED Illuminator in the mail. It is shipped from China so it takes some time to arrive so plan for that. Mine took about 9-10 days. It appears to be built solid. All metal case with a glass or plastic cover on the 48 LED's and has tripod mount on the bottom.
    HOWEVER: Does NOT come with the DC12v power adapter so as of right now until I purchase one I can't even turn it on and test it. Plan for that as well.

    Reply by SC2000 on