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4 CH 960H Video H.264 DVR Recorder WD1 Real-time Mobile Remote Access

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This is a 4CH 960H economical DVR. 4CH video input, 1CH audio input, 4CH WD1 video recording and 4CH WD1 real-time playback. It supports one SATA hard disk and multi-languages. Adopting the latest SOC technology, standard H.264 coding scheme, better image and more stable system. This series of device is with N9 platform, powerful function and user-friendly interface.
It supports DNS of Cloud Servers, P2P play and plug, mobile phone remote access and centralized management with multiple devices. It is easy to operate and suitable for education sector, shopping mall, bank, public security and some other commercial security.


  • Leading Cloud technology, plug and play in network connection, easy remote access.
  • Wireless playback on PC, PAD and mobile phone; alarm video notification.
  • Streaming FS3.0 Patent Video Recording Technology
  • Top-ranking hardware design and workmanship
  • Full real-time and WD1 video recording in all channels, audio and video synchronously.
  • Unique timeline playback mode.
  • Easy and precise in video search; faster in video cutting.
  • Providing SDK and anti-lightning circuits, improve ability against strong current shock, such as anti-lightning and anti-static.
  • Whole new design UI interface, user-friendly.
  • Adopting the latest H.264 (Main Profile) compression algorithm.
  • Support CIF/HD1/D1/WCIF/HD1/D1
  • 4 CH: 4 Channel WD1 video recording + 4 Channel WD1 real-time playback
  • Support multiplexed stream and video stream encoding; audio and video synchronously in multiplexed stream encoding.
  • Support multiple users online supervising at the same time.
  • Support user management, log query, DVR status query.
  • Support VGA, BNC output.
  • HD VGA display, support 1024X768, 1280X1024, 1366X768, 1440X900, 720P, 1080I, 1080P
  • Support electronic zoom-in in preview.
  • Support one SATA hard disk, maximal capacity less than 2TB.
  • Support mainstream smart phone monitoring, multiple IP addresses can be saved in mobile phone for browsing.
  • Hard disk is not included.
  • DNS: http://www.88110.net
  • For iPhone, App Store: Viewcam
  • Support RS485 (PTZ control)
4CH; WD1; DVR; Recorder; 960H; H.264; Remote Access; Real-time-www.securitycamera2000.com
  • 4CH; WD1; DVR; Recorder; 960H; H.264; Remote Access; Real-time-www.securitycamera2000.com
  • 4CH; WD1; DVR; Recorder; 960H; H.264; Remote Access; Real-time-www.securitycamera2000.com
  • 4CH; WD1; DVR; Recorder; 960H; H.264; Remote Access; Real-time-www.securitycamera2000.com
  • 4CH; WD1; DVR; Recorder; 960H; H.264; Remote Access; Real-time-www.securitycamera2000.com
  • 4CH; WD1; DVR; Recorder; 960H; H.264; Remote Access; Real-time-www.securitycamera2000.com
  • 4CH; WD1; DVR; Recorder; 960H; H.264; Remote Access; Real-time-www.securitycamera2000.com
  • 4CH; WD1; DVR; Recorder; 960H; H.264; Remote Access; Real-time-www.securitycamera2000.com
  • 4CH; WD1; DVR; Recorder; 960H; H.264; Remote Access; Real-time-www.securitycamera2000.com


Video Input:

4 in, BNC

Audio Input:

1 in, BNC

HDMI Output:


VGA Output:

Support, resolution: 1024X768, 1280X1024, 1366X768, 1440X900, 720P, 1080I, 1080P

Image Display:

1 / 4  optional

Video Standard:


CVBS Output:

1 out, BNC, Resolution: PAL:704*576, NTSC: 704*480

Audio Output:

1 out, RCA

Video Compression:


Video Coding Resolution:

PAL:WD1:960X576 / WHD1:960x288 / WCIF:480X288 / D1:704X576 / HD1:704x288 / CIF:352X288 NTSC:WD1:960X480 / WHD1:960x240 / WCIF:480X240 / D1:704X480 / HD1:704x240 / CIF:352X240

Record Frame Rate:

PAL:100 fps(4 x 25 fps), NTSC:120 fps(4 x 30 fps)

Video Frame Rate:


Video Bit Rate:


Audio Compression:


Record Type:

Always / Schedule / Alarm recording / Motion detection recording

Audio Bit Rate:


Dual Stream:


Mobile Surveillance:

Supports Android phone / iPhone / iPad / Blackberry

Record Resolution:

4CH WD1 recording & 4CH WD1 real-time Playback

Sync Playback:

1-4ch optional

HDD Type:

1 piece SATA

Storage Capacity:

2TB for each Sata connector

Audio Record Mode:

Audio & Video recording simultaneously

Network port:

1 RJ45 10M / 100M / 1000M

Serial Port:

1 RS-485 serial port

USB Port:


Firmware Upgrade Mode:

Support USB update / Network update

Power Supply:


Consumption(HDD not included):

<=15W (without HDD)

Operating Temperature:

-10 C to +55 C

Operating Humidity:



Standalone 1.0U


230mm (W) X 315mm(L) X 45mm(H)

Weight(HDD not included):


  • 1X DVR
  • 1X Mouse
  • 1X Remote Controller
  • 1X Power Adapter
  • 1X CD
  • 1X Manual
  • It can't record videos on the computer. Please check DVR card for recording on the computer, such as 4CH D1 PCI DVR Card DCK1152X and 4CH D1 PCI-E DVR Card DCK1154X
  • It supports PTZ control function and you just need to connect the RS485 wire of the camera to the DVR to achieve it.
  • Q: Does it support French? Which one is better? DSA1454Q or DSA1344x. My business is a jewelry and I've installed 4 cameras in it already. Would the camera be compatible with the DVR?    
  • A: DSA1454Q The product supports French language, but the user manual is in English, we only have the English manual for our products. For the product DSA1344x and DSA1454Q, we suggest you choose DSA1454Q. If your cameras have BNC video, there are no compatibility issues.
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Product Reviews

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  1. It works just as expected/advertised.

    Posted by C*l on 15th Aug 2014

    It works just as expected. Just plug and play, with remote control and mouse, it is easy to set up. There was no hard drive included,but once I got the SATA HDD installed, it worked like a charm.
    Software works locally, and internet, video is smooth, real-time recording. I love it,definitely recommended.

    Reply by SC2000 on

  2. A great DVR

    Posted by C***s on 21st Jul 2014

    This DVR is very easy to sut up and operate. And I like its motion detection function, it can be set up alarm and send me email. Well, it will make us feel more safety.

    Reply by SC2000 on

  3. Works great, and easy to install.

    Posted by K**y on 14th Jun 2014

    Love this DVR, features are better than dish or direct. I have it connected to a antenna and HughsNet and works perfect. Best purchase I have made in a long time, next are the mini's for every room.

    Reply by SC2000 on

  4. Good job!

    Posted by J**********r on 2nd Jun 2014

    It is a very good item once you get to know it.
    All you want to know is from the manual so it is really easy to install and build the security system with the DVR.
    Settings in the software done! All works well!

    Reply by SC2000 on

  5. Economical DVR

    Posted by V****s on 28th May 2014

    Just received this 4CH DVR, connected with VGA directly and it is convenient to use. Tried some general setting and everything works fine. It is what I need. I am going to get a hard disk for it.

    Reply by SC2000 on

  6. Good budget DVR with easy setting!

    Posted by P********r on 9th May 2014

    This is the first DVR I bought and I was pretty nervous about setting it up by myself. But I'm pretty comfortable using it because its very simple setting.The installation is very straigforward and quick.Just use my old PC as monitor.Hard disk is not included so I have ordered one they suggested. One of the best things that surprised me is how this DVR turn my normally analog cameras into network cameras. I can use my phone to check the image even when I'm not home. What I did is just connect the DVR to my router and set an IP address for it. Then download an app called ViewCam from app store. Put the IP address of DVR and name to log in then I can see the image from my phone,take snap shot and record it. It wow me and save me lots money to buy expensive network cameras!

    Reply by SC2000 on

  7. Economical DVR

    Posted by S****n on 22nd Apr 2014

    I receved this DVR with a detailed instruction.Pretty design and workmanship.Jus follow the instruction it's easy to set up.4CH video input and 1CH audio input are working well.

    Reply by SC2000 on

  8. great dvr at a low cost

    Posted by pl on 6th Apr 2014

    The DVR is pretty good, does everything it states. However, unlike another dvr i have, it requires you to open 4 ports on the firewall for connecting thru the internet (web, command, media streaming, mobile).

    Reply by SC2000 on

  9. Im happy

    Posted by J***********a on 9th Feb 2014

    My older Nightowl conked out, so I decided to try this one based on reviews, price was great, it was easy to add my own sata hard drive and configuration although not super easy was easy. I say its not super easy because there is allot of settings to go through but the instructions were easy to understand and I am able to see my cameras locally and on my smart phone with the sofware and apps.
    My old cameras worked fine, I decided to get a couple of better cameras as well and its working good.
    I was a bit hestitant but would recomend to anyone who is just starting out or needs addtional cameras.

    Reply by SC2000 on

  10. Havent had a chance to try this yet

    Posted by T************************************; on 10th Jan 2014

    I had to buy multiple parts.

    A svga to hdm1 cord. if you have a flatscreen tv that has NO VGA CONNECTION!
    Hard Drive Disk (HDD) that im having trouble formatting all on my own apparently it was supposed to be easy as 123.

    however i will say the set up to this DVR was pretty quick and easy for putting it together including the HDD without it being formatted im sure it will be the same ill update this if possible once we get our security system in i just thought this would be so much easier but no im having a bit of struggle and having to toss money around that i dont really have.

    Reply by SC2000 on

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