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1CH Video & Audio D1 or VGA Record SD Card Mini Vehicle DVR with GPS

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Mini DVRs are portable, easy to opertate, especially for small business, warehouse, car surveillace and so on. This is a high cost-effective mini vehicle DVR with GPS function, two video channels input, it just supports one channel at the same time and real time record at D1 or VGA resolution. Besides, the GPS function can display and record latitude and longitude as well as speed.

  • Auto recognize and match the camera TV system (NTSC or PAL);
  • Support one channel real time record at D1/VGA resolution;
  • Support manual record, auto record (motion detection), boot record, pre event record and scheduled record;
  • Pre Event Record: in manual record setting, DVR starts recording 5 seconds or 10 seconds before the REC key is pressed in preview mode; or in motion detection mode, DVR starts recording 5 seconds or 10 seconds before the motion is detected by the camera;
  • Record audio and video simultaneously;
  • Support GPS, show and record the latitude and longitude, driving speed;
  • Support date/time and ID stamp;
  • Support SD card up to 32GB, and it will stop record or loop record when memory is full;
  • Support multi-language menu (Chinese, English, Portuguese);
  • Metal casing, stable performance; with fan active cooling;

DVRVK0003 supports two SD cards, two channels D1 recording simultaneously.

More Features

1 channel video; 1 channel audio; D1; VGA; mini vehicle DVR; GPS-www.securitycamera2000.com
1 channel video; 1 channel audio; D1; VGA; mini vehicle DVR; GPS-www.securitycamera2000.com
1 channel video; 1 channel audio; D1; VGA; mini vehicle DVR; GPS-www.securitycamera2000.com
1 channel video; 1 channel audio; D1; VGA; mini vehicle DVR; GPS-www.securitycamera2000.com
1 channel video; 1 channel audio; D1; VGA; mini vehicle DVR; GPS-www.securitycamera2000.com



Video Standard


Video Compression


Display Resolution 

D1: 704*576(PAL); 704*480(NTSC)

Frame Rate

25fps (PAL); 30fps (NTSC)


Audio Compression


Audio Bit Rate

128 Kbps

Audio Record Mode

Audio and Video synchronous

Record & Playback

Recording Mode

Boot recording, Timer recording, Continuous recording, Manual recording, Motion detection recording,

Recording Resolution

D1: 704*576(PAL); 704*480(NTSC)
VGA: 640*480; QVGA: 320*240

Frame Rate


Video Bit Rate

Max 2400 Kbps

Recording Quality

3 class adjustable

Search Record Mode

Time, Date, Event




Storage Media

At most 32GB SDHC Card

Video Storage Space

About 1 GB/hour

Audio Storage Space

56.28 MB/channel/hour

Record File Format




English/Chinese/ Portuguese

Operation Interface

OSD menu

Clip Length

5/10/20 minutes for optional



Motion Detection







Video Input

2 channels, RCA

Video Output

1 channel, RCA

Audio Input

2 channels, RCA

Audio Output

1 channel, RCA

Power Output

2*DC 12V 1A


Working Voltage

DC 12V(suggest to use vehicle power adapter)

Power Consumption


Work Environment

T: 0 C to +60 C; H: 10% to 90%

Dimension (mm)


More Information

pdf downloadDVRVK0002B-User-Manual


  • 1X 1CH mini vehicle DVR with GPS
  • 1X DC 12V power adapter
  • 1X AV output cable
  • 2X Audio/Video/Power cable
  • 1X GPS antenna
  • 1X Manual
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Product Reviews

  1. Ok, But Not What I Expected

    Posted by K************r on 14th Sep 2012

    I received this product the other day. Today, I installed it. Intalling a DVR the way I want means I have to take apart a good portion of the drive side interior trim. A daunting task that I had to undertake.

    Plus I had to buy some additional wiring for this to work with the camera also purchased from SecurityCamera2000. I am seriously disappointed.

    The menus are not as intuitive as I would like. Figuring out my time zone was a frustrating experience, to say the least. "+" or "-" and numbers (0400, for example) are all you get to tell you the zone.

    You have to guess which is yours, and go back to the main screen to see if you got it right. If not, you have to go back to the menu (several button clicks) and try again.

    It was necessary to set the time zone, however, as whatever specific time you set reverts to the time specified by the time zone set in the unit.

    The GPS feature works, however, it has a tendency to show the speed as 000.1 when at a total stop. When moving, it works fairly well. UNFORTUNATELY, the speed is displayed in Kilometers per Hour (KPH), NOT Miles per Hour (MPH). According to "Alvin" of the Online Chat, it cannot be changed.

    This was not mentioned anywhere, nor does the unit indicate this in the display. It merely shows, "Speed xxx.x"

    I live in the U.S., and this means when I am driving 30 MPH in a 30 MPH zone, the unit shows, "SPEED 048.3". This could be problematic if I get into an accident and there is a question of whether or not I was speeding.

    The frame rate does not seem to be a true 30Fps as it is very jumpy. This might be attributed somewhat to my SD card, but it never had that issue with the previous DVR. The "HD" does not seem to be as good quality as the last DVR I had (NOT an HD unit), but it is adequate.

    You can set the unit to record for 5, 10 or 20 minutes. However, it records 22 to 27 second clips regardless of the minute length set.

    "Boot Record" is factory preset at "On". This is annoying the first time you plug in and turn on the unit, as it automatically begins recording. This setting can be changed in the menus.

    Adding to my frustration is the fact that there is no 24 hour phone/Customer Service.

    When I called, the phone rang off the hook (6PM local time). No answering machine, no person and the Online Chat was Offline. I left a message and e-mail with no reply.

    I had to come back at 9:42 PM local time to be able to chat online.

    Overall, the unit is decent, but it is not for me. I will be returning it as soon as I can.

    Review follow up by SecurityCamera2000.com Team on 19th September 2012

    Thank you for your product review. We appreciate it.

    Sorry for any trouble. Most vehicle DVR can not support MPH display. The "+" and "-" represent Eastern & Western Hemisphere Time Zone, not EST & Pacific Time Zone.

    As for the 30fps recording footage, We recommend to use Class 6 or above for storage, set it as 30fps and the recording quality to "Middle", then the footage will be real-time.

    Since the buyer is not satisfied with the product, we have agreement with the buyer that he can return the device to us and get a refund. In this circumstance, the buyer should be responsible to cover both shipping costs (for our sending & his/her returning)

    Any problems please feel free to contact us via email: info@securitycamera2000.com

    SecurityCamera2000.com Team

    Reply by SC2000 on