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POE is invalid - securitycamera2000 help
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POE is invalid

Post on 24th of March, 2015

Q:POE is invalid
A: Could POE work well at the beginning?

1.If it worked well before, please select another POE connector or network cable and try again.
If the problem persists, try using a power source, such as PZ0374. If the work now, that POE module is defective. We offer you 3 options: A,Get a new POE module;
B, Partial refund and send you power adapter PZ0374;
C, Send it back for repairing.

If the problem persists after changing another power supply, please contact customer service staff to return it back.

2.If the camera is working with the separated power supply, but can not work with your POE Switch, please check the line order of POE switch. The HWD-series only supports the device with line order 1236 but not 4578.  At this case, it need to replace another pigtail cable.
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