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What is Digital Door Viewer?

Post on 11th of September, 2014
Digital door viewer is also known as door mirror. It is a small optical instrument installed on the front door. It is aim to make it more convenient for resident to observe the ongoing things outside. The digital door viewer has been anecessity to keep the house safe. It is made of aconcave lens (objective lens) and a convex lens. The focal length of the objective lens is very short; it makes the people or object outside looks like an erected and contractiblevirtual image. The virtual image is happens to fall on the focus of the eyepiece and finally turn into anamplifying and erected image. And this image is among the distance of distinct vision of human, so that we can easily observe what is going on outside.

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The digital door viewer is also called video door bell. It combines the function of a door view and a doorbell. Meanwhile, it conquers the disadvantage and safety loophole of traditional door viewer and enhances the monitoring feature. It is widely used in doors of families and high-ended hotels. It is an upgraded alternate of traditional door viewer.

Comparison between the digital door viewer and the traditional door viewer.

1. Traditional door viewer:

The traditional door viewer adopts optical imaging which is quite inconvenient. The visual angle is not large enough so the visibility is very limited. You have to be very close the door in order to see clearly. What is more, there is no light in the passageway at night that means the door viewer is totally useless at night. And the aged ones have bad eyesight, the children is not high enough. So the traditional door viewer is not suitable for them to use.

Apart from the inconvenience, most importantly, the traditional door viewer has serious potential risk. There exists door viewer peeping device which enable the criminal to observe what is going on in the house from outside. People’s privacy can’t be assured and will surely help the criminals to commit a crime. If you pay attention to the news, you will find that there aremuch news about being broken into the house and be stolen propertybecause there is one at home and the criminals know it by watching through the door viewer.
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2. Digital door viewer.

The digital door viewer overcomes the disadvantage of the traditional door viewer and has the doorbell function. In addition, it also enhances the monitoring feature and the safety performance.

Specific difference between digital door viewer and traditional door viewer.

1. Disadvantages of the traditional door viewer.

(1) The image being concave-convex and be out of shape, the visual angle is small and the visibility is very limited.

(2) The outdoor situation can not be seen when the light is dim or there is no light at night. The aged one has bad eye sight and the children are not high enough to see through the door viewer.

(3) No doorbell function, the doorbell need to be installed separately

(4) Optical imaging, the indoor situation can be seen from the outside by using the peeping device.

(5) Easily be unclenched.

2. The advantage of digital door viewer.

The digital door viewer is the upgraded product of the traditional door viewer. To be specific, they have two major differences:

(1) Firstly, the inconvenience of the traditional door viewer does no longer exist on the digital door viewer.
A. Wide angle and high megapixel camera ensure the image will not out of shape and the visibility is larger.

  B. Large screen LED display, image can be seen even in the long distance.

  C. With the doorbell function, stills work when there is no light.

  D. The doorbell can be used with the door viewer, when the doorbell rings, the image shown on the screen.

(2) Second, the digital door viewer can stop criminals spy the indoor situation from the outside by using the peeping device, largely enhance the safety.

  A. Memory function: when there is someone rings the doorbell, we can not only hear the doorbell but also see the visitor through the door viewer. It can also record video to help remember the visitor’s voice and image and convenient for visitors to leave messages and be replied when we are convenient.

  B. In addition, it has automatic memory function, which is also known as detection function. Within a particular range, when the door viewer senses the human body, it will automatically record video and take picture. This is a very useful and safe monitoring feature.

  C. Alloy shell which stop from being unclenched while installed outside.

Why the traditional door viewer will be replaced by the digital door viewer?

I think you have already known the advantaged of the digital door viewer. In addition, the digital door viewer is among the electronic technology application field, which means more intelligent technology will be applied in it. Such as wireless talkback, the more intelligent technology will become part of the home security system. So, the replacement of the traditional door viewer is a necessary.

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