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Teamviewer Download - securitycamera2000 help
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Teamviewer Download

Post on 2nd of May, 2013

Click me to download TeamViewer.



If you need our technicians to access your computer for live help, you will need the following:

  • The DVR/DVR card/IP camera/IP server must be connected to your network/router via the Ethernet connection on the back of the DVR/DVR card/IP camera/IP server.
  • You must know the username and password to your router.
  • You must know how to access the DVR/DVR card/IP camera/IP server and your router via a computer.
  • Please install the below software, our technicians would log in your computer and help you do some settings remotely.

With this check list complete, we’ll be able to assist and quickly get your DVR/DVR card/IP camera/IP server networked!

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